· What is mahshi? Mahshi is a dish of vegetables stuffed with ground beef and rice, that are cooked in a tomato and cumin sauce. Most often, Lebanese summer squash (kusa) is used for this Cuisine: Egyptian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern.

Mashi synonyms, Mashi pronunciation, Mashi translation, English dictionary definition of Mashi. Noun 1. Mashi - a Bantu language Bantoid language, Bantu - a family of languages widely spoken in the southern half of the African continent Based on.

Definition of mashi in the dictionary. Meaning of mashi. What does mashi mean? Information and translations of mashi in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on .

Mashi (Kamaxi), or Kwandu, is a Bantu language of Zambia and was assigned by Guthrie to Bantu group K, which Pfouts () established as part of the Kavango–Southwest branch of Bantu. Though not specifically addressed, Mashi may be in that family as well. ReferencesLanguage family: Niger–Congo?, .

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  1.  · Chop tomato. Mix rice, herbs and tomato. Add spices to rice mixture. Fill veggies with the rice mixture 3/4 full (allow space for rice to expand). Heat chicken broth cube, ghee and mastikah until Servings: 4.

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